About this Site


This site was created as a place to collect and share historical information about Halcyon Park and to promote appreciation for historic preservation in Halcyon Park. It is intended for residents of Halcyon Park, people who are interested in the history of Halcyon Park, and for prospective residents.

About this Project

Halcyon Park was designated eligible for registration on the National Register of Historic Places by the State Historic Preservation Office in 1995. Excerpts from reports making this designation are included on this site and copies of the full reports are available from the References page. I hope to apply to get Halcyon Park officially registered on the National Register. In order to do that I am collecting historical information and photographs of Halcyon Park. If you have any photos you can loan me (I will scan them and return them to you promptly), or if you have any stories, books, post cards, articles, or recollections about Halcyon Park or details about your home in Halcyon Park that you can share, please contact me at rrockwell@comcast.net. I will make more historical information available on this web site as I collect it and will also use this material in my application for registration with the State Historic Preservation Office.

Advisory Committee

Frederick Branch, The Historical Society of Bloomfield, Trustee and Newsletter Editor
Frank Gerard Godlewski
Mimi Michalski, Bloomfield Historic District Review Board, Certificate in Historic Preservation from Drew University
Daniel Natal, President, Halcyon Park Neighborhood Association
Karen A. Rosenberger, PP, AICP
Susana Sotillo, Recording Secretary, Halcyon Park Neighborhood Association

Contact Us

If you have questions about what this means to you as a resident or home owner, please send your questions and I will answer them and collect them into a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Rich Rockwell
Halcyon Park Historic District